Intuitive Cafe

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Join Renee Rowe, International Intuitive Counselor and Teacher for the upcoming Intuitive Cafe.

We meet every second Wednesday of the month, learn about various Intuitive Topics with time for Q&A. This is a free monthly webinar.

Upcoming: 3 Effortless Ways to Develop Intuition

Join Renee for the FREE upcoming webinar Wednesday, July 13th, 12pm-1pm PST and learn 3 quick tools to support you in receiving intuitive wisdom and guidance. 

Have you been struggling to connect with your own inner-wisdom and guidance? Are you wanting these messages to be louder and more clear? If so, join me for the upcoming Intuitive Cafe. 

Share time with like-minded spiritual community to learn:

  • 3 Quick Tools to Develop a strong foundation to receiving Intuitive Guidance, including the Akashic Record
  • Create a stronger relationship with your intuitive wisdom
  • Learn from Born Intuitive, Renee Rowe on the importance of listening to guidance and applying it. 
  • Discover your own intuitive gifts and wisdom, allow this to support you in your next steps in life. 
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To attend via Livestream or to watch the recording and stay informed about upcoming events, register here:

Renee Rowe is a gifted Akashic Record Reader & Teacher, Advanced Clairvoyant, Empath, and Spirit Medium. Renee has taught over hundreds of spiritual classes and workshops, she currently works internationally as an Intuitive Counselor and Akashic Record Teacher. As an advanced channeler, her Akashic channelings have been featured in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Renee provides a loving environment for Healers and Intuitive’s to grow personally, heal and lead meaningful lives.


Weds, 7/13 12pm-1pm PST: 3 Effortless Ways to Develop Intuition
Weds, 8/10 12pm-1pm PST: Clair’s
Weds, 9/14 12pm-1pm PST: Learn about your Chakras
Weds, 10/12 12pm-1pm PST: Channeling