3 Month Program

Group Inner Transformation Series


  • Feb 28th to May 16th 2023 (12 classes)

  • Tuesday’s 6pm PST/7pmCST

  • Group Classes Online via Zoom Video

  • Includes email support and optional individual check-ins

Workshop Details

In a like-minded community dedicated to personal-growth and healing; using guided visualization meditation and creating personal Positive Affirmations with the Chakra Energy Centers. The lay-out and structure of using your Chakra Energy Centers assists you to have a deeper understanding and clarity into all aspects of your life; getting to know yourself on a deep level.

The program is designed to assist you in seeing parts of yourself that may have been hidden before and that are asking for healing. Bringing clarity around how you’ve been creating your life and interacting on a subconscious level. With clarity, taking steps to move forward and be in alignment with your purposeful path, leading a life of deep fulfillment. Renee uses her intuitive gifts to provide support in a group and on an individual basis.


  • Connect with your Heart, Emotions, Body, Guidance and Intuitive Abilities.
  • Deep insights and clarity of the life you are creating for yourself.
  • Heal and move past limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Create Positive Affirmations that allow you to re-focus and start moving forward in the direction you want.

“I recently completed the Inner Transformation class – Healing the Chakra Energy Centers through Positive Affirmations with Renee Rowe and am completely happy with the results. Over the duration of the course I was amazed to see what would open up for me. Literally the Universe would provide opportunities to test out the new truth I was holding and give me a chance to step into that new way of being. I appreciated the small group setting and am thankful for Renee’s guidance in creating the affirmations that were right for me.”

Bonnie McKinney

Founder of Self-Supporting Practices



Workbook included written by Renee Rowe


Learn easy to apply Visualization Meditation tools: Protection, Grounding, Running Energy and Separating from others’ energy. Guided Recordings Provided


18 hours of personal group guided meditation & instruction & support


Includes Email Support and optional individual check-ins if desired


Guided Meditation with your Chakra Energy Centers to see more clearly in all aspects of your life. With clarity and awareness, transformation can occur


Renee’s intuitive assistance in creating strong personalized Positive Affirmations that allow for deep healing so that you can transform patterns and get in alignment with the life you envision


Optional: Personalized guided meditation recording of your Positive Affirmations


The group Inner Transformation program was developed by Renee Rowe through her own experience of deep healing through challenging growth opportunities in her life. This journey had such a profound impact of transformation that she humbly shares it with others looking to heal and be in alignment with a life of purpose and fulfillment. She provides like-minded community group weekly meetings as you’re guided through a deep process of healing, growth and development of intuitive abilities. This journey of internal healing work allows you to know yourself on a deep level, let go of patterns/conditioning in your life that don’t serve you and live your life at its highest potential. These tools are known to assist you in seeing with clarity and giving you the support to transform and create the life you want. Please know that you are supported by Renee as you go through this profound journey.

Renee uses her Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Empathic and Channeling skills to guide you into your chakra energy centers with meditation. The guidance provided supports you to receive information of patterns, beliefs and conditioning that is no longer serving you. Letting those parts of yourself asking for healing to be seen with clarity, acknowledged and let go of in a safe and compassionate environment. To transform and create the life you want, you will get support in creating affirmations that allow for deep healing and transformation to occur. Renee has a unique way of working with affirmations that bring to the surface parts within that need healing and were not “seen” before.

Please note that there’s “spiritual” homework given each week and there will be a time commitment at home of 10-30 minutes per day away from class.


 Week 1 (2/28): Review inner-transformation workbook, learn the guided visualization meditation “maintenance” tools (guided recorded meditations provided), get familiar with your Chakra Energy Centers. (6-8pm PST, 2 hours)

Week 2 (3/7) : Guided visualization meditation and journaling about your life vision and what you want (6pm-7pm PST, 1 hour)

Week 3 (3/14): Visualization Meditation and create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Root Chakra. (6-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Root (1st) Chakra has to do with your security, grounding to mother earth, survival and relationship to body. 

Week 4 (3/21): Visualization meditation, create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Sacral Chakra (6pm-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Sacral (2nd) Chakra dives into your expression of your emotions, needs and boundaries. Your ability to let go, change, beginnings/endings. Also, warmth, intimacy and honoring your sexual/creative energy.

Week 5 (3/28): Visualization meditation, create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Solar Plexus Chakra (6pm-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra focuses on your personal will-power, self-esteem, confidence, and assertiveness. Also, present here would be self-judgment or critical thoughts and attachment to perfectionism.

Week 6 (4/4): Guided Healing Meditation & Emotional Processing (6-7pm PST, 1 hour)

Week 7 (4/11): Visualization meditation, create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Heart Chakra (6pm-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Heart (4th) Chakra represents harmony, trust, lovingness, gentleness with self and others. Being able to give and receive (to receive without giving). To be flexible and open to new people, ideas and growth.​

Week 8 (4/18): Visualization meditation, create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Throat Chakra (6pm-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Throat (5th) Chakra has to do with your inner-voice, being honest with yourself, communicating your feelings and thoughts with clarity to others. Speaking up for yourself.​

Week 9 (4/25): Visualization meditation, create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Third-Eye. (6pm-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Third-eye (6th) Chakra deals with insights and trusting your intuition, seeing your life patterns and situations with clarity, and developing your psychic abilities or subtle awareness.​

Week 10 (5/2): Guided Healing Meditation (6-7pm PST, 1 hour)

Week 11 (5/9): Visualization meditation, create Personalized Positive Affirmations for your Crown Chakra (6pm-8pm PST, 2 hours)

·        Your Crown (7th) Chakra is your connection to wisdom and spiritual consciousness, the ability to be still and know. 

Week 12 (5/16): Visualization meditation, deep relaxation and bringing healing to each of your Chakra Energy Centers (last class, 1 hour).

​After the healing journey of creating personalized positive affirmations of what you’re wanting to be in alignment with, you can send to Renee for a personal guided meditation recording using your affirmations.​

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