Mount Shasta Retreat

Transcend in Mt. Shasta with Renee and Justin

August 23rd – August 27th, 2023


Heart-Centered Spiritual Community

4 nights stay in Mt. Shasta, Ca

Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Discover new places in Mt. Shasta

Intuitive Connection with Nature

Morning Meditation

Group Channel and Reading with Renee

Cacao Ceremony with Indigenous Healer

Drum Meditation

The Shasta Methodist Retreat Property was established with an intention of inspiring others to discover their own inner guidance……your truest YOU ….inner wisdom, highest-self,….your GURU within.  It lives within all of us, and oftentimes it takes retreat to hear it, feel it and acknowledge it. Let Mount Shasta be your activator for personal advancement and spiritual growth. 

Here’s What Your Stay Includes!


  • 4 night stay in the tranquil Guru Shasta
  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals (vegan & GF options)
  • Mt. Shasta Water & Healing Tea Blends


  • Drum Meditation
  • Group Channel and Reading
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Nature Connection
  • Spiritual Shops in town
  • Excursion to Mt. Shasta
  • Morning Meditation


Renee will be sharing tips and tools for tapping into your intuitive guidance and accessing the wisdom of nature. Justin is a gifted renowned Tour Guide with a knack for finding spiritual places in nature. His mindfulness teachings support you in bringing a calm and peacefulness to your life.


Share time with others that have your best interest at heart. We are grateful for our community and our shared passions for personal-growth, healing, intuition, nature connection and compassionate communication.

This in-person retreat will teach you how powerful it is to have ease of access to your own intuitive guidance. How being in trust and with like-minded community can support you in making the changes needed to move past limiting beliefs and patterns. Rise in Love, rise in trust while tapping into your intuitive wisdom within and letting that be a guiding force in your purposeful path.

About Renee Rowe, Intuitive Counselor and Teacher

Renee Rowe was born with her intuitive gifts, inherited from her ancestral lineage and is dedicated to helping clients find peace, clarity and to develop their own intuitive gifts.

Since 2014, Renee has worked professionally offering Akashic Record Readings, spiritual programs, weekly healing meditations, retreats in Mt. Shasta, Ca and has conducted thousands of successful Intuitive Sessions internationally.

Her formal training includes meditation, clairvoyance, Akashic Records and compassionate communication and her Akashic Record channelings have been featured in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. As founder of the Akashic Learning Institute, Renee is a passionate teacher and is deeply grateful to witness her students personally grow, heal, and live meaningful lives.

Renee also has a passion for hosting retreats for spiritual community to gather and support one another through healing and personal growth. She is honored to host the fifth annual Mt. Shasta Retreat.

About Justin Spyres

Justin Spyres is a spiritual mentor, nature guide and healer who connects people to a space of calm within themselves as they navigate their day to day lives.  His presence naturally helps others feel welcomed and at ease.

Justin has a unique gift in finding those special places in nature that support healing and has guided countless groups across California and the Southwest. Justin helps others connect with their spirituality, discover the wonders of nature and live in greater harmony with our Earth and human family as they welcome healing in their lives on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

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Guru Shasta House Accommodation

Shared Room in house
(2 people)


$650 ea.




3 Monthy Payments



Individual room







3 Monthly Payments



Guru Shasta Cabin Accommodation

Shared Cabin
(2-3 people)


$595 ea.




3 Monthly Payments



Lotus Glamping Tents

Shared Glamping Tent
(2 people)


$595 ea.

3 Monthly Payments



Indiv. Glamping Tent




3 Monthly Payments




If there are any questions I may answer for you regarding the upcoming Mount Shasta Wisdom Retreat, we are here for you.

Phone: 831-431-7929

*Retreat Refund Policy: 

Deposit is Non-Refundable. Any amounts paid beyond the deposit are refundable by 8/1/22. If by chance after 8/1/22 you are unable to attend you’re welcome to transfer your retreat spot to a friend.